I grew up in a very religious house hold. Growing up, I was always comfortable in my own skin but often shamed for being open to life where it was frowned upon. In my adulthood I realized there was nothing wrong with being a woman with curves who felt good being nude and expressing myself. As a model I have come to love my body and my womanly figure and hope to encourage other woman to do the same, no matter their figure shape, gender identity, age, weight, or color. 

Our society is plagued. Plagued by the image of what women understand to be 'normal'. Women are demoralized, desensitized and brought to a final understanding of sense of self; one that is based on misconstrued mothers in magazines, movies and malls. What are we doing to the psyche of these mothers? Body image is labeled a problem, but why? Is it because we women are somehow flawed from what we should or could be? No, we are as intended: beautiful, natural. Every line and dimple is a mark of womanhood. I am a real woman. How do you perceive beauty?

Booking info

I am a full time, professional, freelance traveling model. I am available for travel and local shoots. I have a passport, willing to travel when expenses are paid. 

I am hair, makeup and wardrobe responsible. My hair color is a natural brown. I never dye it. What you see in my portfolio is what you get.

When booking, please include all details (time, place, compensations, etc.) needs to be in writing. I need records of what's been said for reference or if any issues arise and to avoid any miscommunication. For this reason, I only share my phone number after all the details have been ironed out. I do not always provide a location, so please have a location ready when booking. 


When Traveling:

Hourly rate is $120/ hr . I do ask for two (2) hour minimum. 

Half day $400/4 hours

Full day $750/8 hours

Seattle Home Base Rates:

$90/hr. Minimum 2 hours

$300/4 hours

$600/8 hours

Australian rates:

$130 AUD/hr, no discounts for multiple hours. Minimum 2 hours

Deposits are required to secure booking. 50% of agreed shoot via PayPal. Deposits are non refundable. Remaining balance due at the time of the shoot/project in cash, or prepaid through PayPal (Highly preferred), no exceptions.

My time is time on set or with a photographer. From the time I arrive to the time I leave.

Cancellation Policy

For ALL shoots. Local, or traveling. If you cancel for ANY reason (weather, sick, accident, can't afford it, work schedule change.. *anything*)
*Cancellations after my published tour dates while traveling is 100% of agreed shoot. 

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