Upcoming Travel Dates:

*Seattle December 2016-March 14th 2017

Melbourne, AU March 17th-20th

Sydney, AU March 21nd-25th

Brisbane, AU March 26th-30th

Seattle, WA April 1st-11th

San Diego, CA April 14th-16th

Los Angeles, CA April 17th-20th

San Fransisco, CA April 22nd-24th

Seattle, WA April 23rd-May 10th

New York City, NY May 11-14th

Big maybe! (Philadelphia, PA May 15th-17th)

UTAdventure, UT May 18th-23rd

Seattle, WA May 24th-June 13th

Croatia and Romania June 15th-30th (With Carolyn Jean and Kristy Jessica)

Texas Road trip with Kay Jay, July

Florida Fet Con
East Coast Fall 2017

*Home base rates

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